Alsos Nimfon -literally meaning Nymphs’ Grove in Greek- is a natural estate in which we have designed a dreamy venue to host your wedding ceremony, your child’s christening or any other event of yours.
In its whole 6 acres you will enjoy: 

  • absolutely private access and parking
  • an endless garden with a curvy pool
  • unique view of Marathon Lake
  • a fully opening reception hall, with glass facade, glass walls and retractable roof, easily transformed from an indoor hall to an outdoor venue – and vice versa – depending on your mood and current weather conditions
  • capacity of 500 seated guests (indoor) or 750 (outdoor)
  • lounge areas and outdoor canopy beds
    the picturesque little church of St. Konstantinos & Eleni for the ceremony – if you wish
    a deluxe suite with a private garden and high standards
    adaptability of the areas according to your needs
    integrated event & wedding planning services

Welcome to a place where natural beauty meets human creativity. Visit the official Alsos Nimfon web page here.