Some days are more special than others.

Anagnostopoulos Group was created exactly for this kind of days. For such days, we three, Panos, Lia and Constantinos, the third generation in our family running a catering business, we cover -along with a highly creative team- a wide range of services consisting of:

Anagnostopoulos Catering, a boutique catering brand with integrated, tailor made food and beverage suggestions

Alsos Nimfon, an 6 acres area for your wedding party and any other social or corporate event you are planning

Iokasti Venue, our latest proud creation on event venues

  • 1911

    Many years ago, in 1911, great grandfather Giannis Anagnostopoulos decides to return home from America. Giannis and his beloved Penelope decide to get married and use their savings to open a little tavern. The tavern, that the Germans repeatedly destroyed during the war, operated for 70 years, from 1912 to 1982, and was located on the old national highway between Argos and Tripoli. The location named Kolosourtis is renowned for its beautiful views and the dangerous road turns.
  • 1916

     In 1916 grandfather Takis Anagnostoupoulos is born. He and his brother Giorgos will grow up helping their parents run the family business. A few years after the end of the war, in 1951, he will get married to grandma Lela, a dynamic and spirited woman. The newly-wed couple renames the tavern to “Zithestiatorion Takis”. They will welcome their firstborn, George, in 1952 but their family will grow even more when Popi and Giannis will be born a few years later. The entire family will help run the tavern creating unforgettable moments for many decades serving their specialties, Goat Soup, and Homemade Bread.
  • 1916-1982

    The menu featured: Traditional goat soup, pasta with lamb stew in tomato sauce, lamb with potatoes slow-cooked in the wood-fired oven as well as boiled wild greens where some of our guests' favorites. Fasolada and freshly baked bread were fan favorites during the winter. The menu was completed by fresh yogurt served in clay pots and wine from the family’s stock served from the barrel. The wood oven, family wine, telephone booth, black and white TV as well as the Jukebox were some of the restaurant’s amenities. It also featured an outdoor space with an amazing serene view that could fit 30 tables where one could meet the establishment’s main attractions. A young donkey and a canary. The warm atmosphere and the passion of the family were the values that would help the little tavern spread countless moments of love, joy, and laughter for many years.
  • 1995

    The third generation. Giorgos Anagnostopoulos and his talented wife Helen, create Home Food Catering in Athens. The main characteristics of the first incarnation of our catering service were the homemade Greek recipes and the cordial communication with our clients.
  • 1995-2016

    Throughout its course, outside of social events, Home Food Catering was the preferred catering service for many TV productions, series, and ads that our generation grew up watching. Through 25 years of constantly evolving, our catering service has reached it’s most mature form during the last 3 years.
  • Today

    Today, Anagnostopoulos Catering has offered its services to more than 1.300 events and 280.000 people providing an ever-evolving menu featuring over 440 gastronomic choices giving its customers a unique sense of freedom when it comes to their options. Anagnostopoulos Catering, along with the two specially designed event venues (Alsos Nimfon and Iokasti Venue) located in the Northern Suburbs of Athens, represent three parts of a holistic approach to successful, fully customized events. *November 2019 marked the beginning of two strategic partnerships: Our collaboration with two international companies Chakra Events and RWS London raise the bar of destination wedding and other Greek destinations to new heights.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that every special day needs a special approach.
When coming to us we want you to find a wide range of choices, high aesthetics and quality services. We want you to find in us someone you will trust to fully undertake what you have imagined. Our philosophy is that every day should be experienced as such: whether it is your wedding (yes, we love wedding parties and we are dedicated to make you have a great one!), or your child’s christening, a birthday party, a corporate event (or any other moment in your life that requires special planning, such as an anniversary or graduation).

There is no limit to what you can organize with us. For you to take a glimpse, we also provide our services in more specialized projects such as:

  • destination weddings (wedding projects from all over the world taking place in beautiful locations in Greece)
  • corporate presentations, conferences, product launches etc.
  • corporate / team building projects
  • store / office openings
  • cultural events
  • TV / film shooting
  • themed parties
  • private dinners or finger food & cocktail nights

Our Goal

Our goal is to take away from you any unnecessary worry about that day.
To cover your wedding or event with professionalism and with unparalleled human touch at the same time.
To be your allies who will implement your plan and take care of every detail so that you enjoy the day to the fullest.
To listen to your needs and remain flexible in what you are looking for.
To create for you flavors of the world that will leave their mark in your palate and memory.
To deliver an event that shows your own special touch. This is our personal bet: that the event reflects your style and temperament.
To welcome you to a private setting designed for you (Alsos Nimfon or Iokasti Venue) or any other place you prefer and feel comfortable in, inside or outside Athens.

Who We Are

Panos Anagnostopoulos

He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Cass Business School, London. His two biggest loves (when not focused on the next wedding or the next event) are traveling and playing basketball in which he is involved for the past 23 years. He believes that team players are the ones who lead a team to victory.

Lia Anagnostopoulou

She is a graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (TEFAA) and an athlete herself, thus she has developed a special knowledge for what “noble goals” and “high performance” means. She enjoys discovering places and tastes of the world while also showing devotion to aesthetics and design - something you will understand by the attention she gives as the creative director of your event’s decoration.

Constantinos Anagnostopoulos

He has graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Crete and is generally attracted to the social science and humanities. In recent years she has been closely studying the evolution of the "wedding science"! He enjoys leisure time hiking and skiing as he adores nature. He has a weak spot for classic cars and going trips with them.

Services We Offer


Event Halls and Venues  (Alsos Nimfon, Iokasti Venue)

Wedding planning

Event Planning


Concierge services

Our experienced team of associates and partners can ensure a smooth and seamlessly organized event from the start until its successful completion. 

Chefs, maîtres, food stylists, serving staff

Beverage experts – bartenders – mixologists

Djs, bands and live musicians

Florists and decoration specialists

Production company / sound and light technicians / special effects professionals

Designers & content creators

Valet parking staff

But most importantly, we belong to a hub of united brands that are joining forces to transform your event into an integrated life experience. We share this special hub with: