Memories of a lifetime

Iokasti Venue is the latest addition to the Anagnostopoulos Group magic box of services. Some might say that it is the most modern version of our work, a place surrounded by nature but with a more compact approach. Our obsession with top quality and value-for-money choices finds its full expression at Iokasti Venue.

At Iokasti Venue you’ll create ‘memories of a lifetime’ with:

  • the lovely garden with the rectangular pool
  • the unpretentious design and styling of the space
  • the reception hall that opens or closes easily to give you the final choice
  • the idyllic chapel if you want to organize your wedding or the christening of your new family member here
  • an exclusive room for relaxing, preparing for the party or even staying overnight at no extra cost
  • the gastronomic verification of Anagnostopoulos Catering
  • the whole team of Anagnostopoulos Group that will ensure that you have an unforgettable time
  • an integrated approach to any event & wedding plan (design, flower decoration, wedding favors, music, concierge services, photography / filming, etc.)

Meet with us to discuss and plan your ideal, personalized corporate or social event. Or you can visit the official website of Iokasti Venue here.